Kiln seals

Kiln seals are one of the most important items on a rotary kiln process.

A seal is essential at each end to prevent ambient air from entering the process. Air leakage can have varying effects on different process. A leaky seal may reduce efficiency; create unsafe or unstable conditions.

Seals are damaged most by overheating or by physical abuse. Overheating can occur because of insufficient cooling by fans or by insulating them from natural cooling. Physical damage is done by not cleaning seal discharge chute or by running the kiln to slow causing spillback.

Each seal is designed for the kiln diameter, maximum runout, temperature, and pressure that it needs to isolate. There are many kinds of seals and each offer advantages in their application.

Metso sells the “good deal” and “super deal” seals. They give an all around performance with low maintenance in most rotary kiln systems.

The overlapping leaves for a seal but let the kiln rotate freely. This configuration is called standard radial. There are many different ways to arrange the seal. The other common configuration is the inward radial.